Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Hurtigrouten, Hammerfest and Alta

My third sticker. This is going to make me smile every time I will look at it, e.g. when driving to work in a suite in Frankfurt in a month. The thing is, that my main client had called me last week that he needs a person for an upcoming project. The request seem to fit quite well to my profile.
 [subsequent entry - Dec, 2016: yes that was the case, and I am working again since 5 month]

The dining room of the Vandrarhem (Youth hostel) in Honnigsvåg. This used to be part of the fish factory that is still next door.

From Honnigsvåg, I took the Norwegian Mailboat Hurtigruten to Hammerfest

These are the stops of Hurtigsten.

From Hammerfest, I cycled to Skaidi where I med with my former route.

 And from Skaidi though pretty rough nature back to Alta

The view from my camping site about 5 km east of Alta.

Pretty early, I was at the airport - to have enough time to prepare all the things for the flight. Including drying the clothes that had become a little wet at the rainy way to the airport.

My plane home. Good-bye ... until the next trip...

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016

Reached the North Cape

after some rest days in Östersund, I was ready to continue on the E45, the Inlandsvägen further North. I had most f the time nice weather. Here, I crossed the lake Ströms Vattudal.

The day length was getting close the their maximum (Midsummer) June, 25th of 2016. This is one of the main events in Sweden. At the local ICA supermarket, the salesman gave me a nice present.
  Actually, these pralines were pretty good.

Crossing into Lappland

Another highlight was the jump over the Arctic Circle. It was already one of my last days in Sweden.

And just here, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I discovered a nice Café with very friendly traditional dressed young ladies.

At the border Pajala / Kolari (about 30 km between these two), I crossed into Finland. Good-bye understanding the local language (på Svenska - I have at least a little knowledge)

And it gets even more remote. Which I like - to some extend - I like to ride in the pure nature - but I like to talk to people. That's why I always use all the Cafés on the route. Especially as the distances here get close to 100 km.

The best friend of any Scandinavia Tourist... em...

From the landscape, you can tell: I am in Norway now. The south through Finland was only 220 km long.

East of Alta, the first sight of the North Cape:

And here it comes - the famous tunnel under the ocean. About 7 km long and minus 212 m under sea level. I had myself a banana and took it slow. For me, that is just the best way to approach it, especially the ascend on the last 3 km.

On July, 05th 2016 1:30pm, I reached the North Cape. It is my third time, I cycled from Frankfurt up to this iconic landmark in Europe. And, I guess, it hasn't been the last time...