Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Hurtigrouten, Hammerfest and Alta

My third sticker. This is going to make me smile every time I will look at it, e.g. when driving to work in a suite in Frankfurt in a month. The thing is, that my main client had called me last week that he needs a person for an upcoming project. The request seem to fit quite well to my profile.
 [subsequent entry - Dec, 2016: yes that was the case, and I am working again since 5 month]

The dining room of the Vandrarhem (Youth hostel) in Honnigsvåg. This used to be part of the fish factory that is still next door.

From Honnigsvåg, I took the Norwegian Mailboat Hurtigruten to Hammerfest

These are the stops of Hurtigsten.

From Hammerfest, I cycled to Skaidi where I med with my former route.

 And from Skaidi though pretty rough nature back to Alta

The view from my camping site about 5 km east of Alta.

Pretty early, I was at the airport - to have enough time to prepare all the things for the flight. Including drying the clothes that had become a little wet at the rainy way to the airport.

My plane home. Good-bye ... until the next trip...

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  1. Wenn ich Deine Bilder so anschaue, möchte ich am liebsten gleich auch zum Wiederholungstäter werden.